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Preserving Tradition, Empowering Communities: The Collaboration of Navajo Artisans and Advocates

Updated: Jun 11

Collaboration of Navajo Artisans and Advocates: It's wonderful to hear about Judy Clancy-Campbell's initiative to support talented weavers in the Navajo Nation and provide employment opportunities in the face of high unemployment rates. Around the year 1982, during the time when Campbell Clancy was setting up the "Dineh" clothing line in Halchita, Utah. This moment marked an important juncture in the establishment of the clothing line Bisagra, created in 2022, is Campbell Clancy’s most recent project to continue her mission.

Collaborating with TahNibaa and her family, along with the support of Krystal Curley for photography, shows the power of community connections and shared goals. This collaboration not only highlights the importance of preserving traditional weaving skills but also demonstrates how partnerships can empower Indigenous artisans and create economic opportunities within their communities. It's a beautiful example of grassroots efforts to support Indigenous talent and economic development.

Driven by a profound concern for the plight of a people endowed with immense talent yet facing some of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, Campbell Clancy set out to make a difference. Through her collaboration with Canuto, she sought to combat systemic racism and poverty by creating meaningful job opportunities within the Diné communities, particularly for weavers and other artisans.

Join us as we celebrate culture, creativity, and community through the Bisagra Clothing Collection. Each piece is a testament to resilience, heritage, and the power of collaboration. Let's open doors together and pave the way for a brighter future—one stitch at a time.

Bisagra logo depicts a hinge. Derived from the Spanish word for "hinge," Bisagra was born from a vision to unlock doors for Diné artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their remarkable work in mainstream fashion markets.

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